We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to one of TroutRoute’s newest ambassadors, David Brotzman, of @verygoodflyfishing. David is a professional photographer and filmmaker based in upstate New York who blends his passions of media and the outdoors together through content on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. Recently, David purchased a Ford Transit van that he and his partner are converting into the ultimate cross country tour rig. They plan to cruise the country in their new home-on-wheels while finding public waters along the way using TroutRoutes! Make sure you head over to his page and tag along! 

Last year, while we focused our efforts on partnering with organizations that aligned with our company’s core values, we also began to search for dedicated TroutRoutes users who did the same to help create a revamped ambassador program. We are extremely excited to bring an extremely diverse group of anglers into our ambassador program this year so stay tuned for more introductions!

Get To Know TroutRoutes Ambassador, David Brotzman (@verygoodflyfishing)!

Q: Describe your fly fishing journey up to the present. How did you start fly fishing? Where is your favorite place to fish?

A: I’ve always loved the outdoors but during Covid, I wanted a way more then ever to be immersed in nature. I picked up fishing again (I used to fish a lot in my childhood) and very quickly dove into fly fishing. Ever since, I find myself trying to get to the river any chance I get and refining my skills as an angler, conservationist and lover of the outdoors.

My favorite place to fish HAS to be a small little river in the ADK my family visits every year. It’s where I caught my first Brook trout and hooked into my original PB brown trout.

Q: What is your favorite fly pattern (either to fish or to tie yourself)?

A: I love my dry flies and out of all of my favorites to throw, an Elk hair Caddis is a tried and true fly for my region and always breaks a dry spell. I even had a fish take an Elk Hair Caddis on Christmas morning in Rochester, NY after hours of no bites with nymphs and streamers.

Q: What TroutRoutes feature do you find yourself using the most?

A: In New York, public access spots are HUGE when it comes to exploring different waters in the region. When I’m scoping a spot, the first thing I look for is a safe place to park, so being able to have access to parking areas and public access points helps me feel comfortable finding new waters.

Q:What’s the most important thing you take away from the water at the end of a fishing trip?

A: I think the sport itself is absolutely a great part of any fishing trip. But the things that make each trip truly memorable are the friends you’re with and being fully immersed in the outdoors with no distractions.