The next angler from the growing TroutRoutes Ambassador team that we want to introduce you all to is Alex Grillo (@juicedwater_fishing)!

Alex has spent the last several years putting his fish and wildlife knowledge to the test chasing trout around the Northeast, especially in his home waters of Upstate New York where he first cast a fly rod in 2017.

Fly fishing gives Alex a chance to connect with and appreciate his environment. It’s the challenge of each outing that keeps him coming back to the water, and his enthusiasm for learning new skills and techniques are an inspiring reminder that it’s not always a numbers game. We’re excited to follow along as Alex hits the banks this season.

Get To Know TroutRoutes Ambassador, Alex Grillo (@juicedwater_fishing)!

Q: Describe your fly fishing journey up to the present. How did you start fly fishing? Where is your favorite place to fish?

A: I started my fly fishing journey in 2017, when I came home to visit my family and friends in upstate NY. My best friend Treston gave me my first fly rod. We spent the day catching bluegill and bass at our favorite farm ponds that we grew up fishing. After that I was sold on fly fishing. In 2020 I moved home to Geneva NY where I started to get serious about fly fishing and I have now spent the last three years chasing trout, big and small, all around the state with my best friends.

Q: What is your favorite fly pattern (either to fish or to tie yourself)?

A: My favorite fly pattern has to be a big stone fly. It doesn’t matter where I am or the time of the year, it’s my confidence fly and it usually gets the job done.

Q: What TroutRoutes feature do you find yourself using the most?

A: Honestly, it’s the fishing access and parking markers on the map. With apps I have used previously, issues I ran into was finding public access to park or walk into a river, so that feature has taken a lot of the work and guessing out of fishing new creeks and rivers for me.

Q: What’s the most important thing you take away from the water at the end of a fishing trip?

A: Staying humble. It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been fishing, how much research you’ve put into a particular place or the expensive gear you’ve bought. Fishing will always find a way to humble you, you don’t always succeed and it’s not an easy sport. I live for it; it drives me to keep fishing and enjoying the outdoors.