Because it’s Awesome by McKenna Hulslander

I was just like most every college student ever. I would study as little as possible, and spend most of my time out with friends. I can remember my older brother teaching the importance of scheduling my week so I didn’t have to spend my weekends trapped inside. But there I was on a Sunday afternoon fixing the red highlights on my paper. I was attempting to explain why I thought fly fishing was the best thing in the world. I was frustrated and unable to express to my professor, who resented me for even picking the topic, why I’d rather spend my evenings chasing trout than attend her seminar in the library. I was on my last edit with shoes already on and keys in hand trying to answer her bolded red letters that asked “but why is fly fishing important to you?” I remember typing out because it’s awesome knowing it wasn’t going to meet the requirement of a proficient paper and that I’d have to tackle it when I got back. Maybe as a freshman I wasn’t mature enough to think on the question long enough, or too focused on getting out the door to take time to thoroughly answer the question. But either way, despite graduating, I’d like to go back and change my answer. 

Ambassador Introduction – David Brotzman

We’d like to take a moment to introduce you to one of TroutRoute’s newest ambassadors, David Brotzman, of @verygoodflyfishing. David is a professional photographer and filmmaker based in upstate New York who blends his passions of media and the outdoors together through content on Instagram, TikTok and Youtube. Recently, David purchased a Ford Transit van that he and his partner are converting into the ultimate cross country tour rig. They plan to cruise the country in their new home-on-wheels while finding public waters along the way using TroutRoutes! Make sure you head over to his page and tag along! 

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