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Have a question for us? Try these common questions we get often. Always feel free to reach out to us for further clarification, help or other issues. Our contact page is here.

The entire lower 48 states are supported with TroutRoutes 4.7 as of January 2023, covering over 50,000 designated trout streams. We intend to continue making improvements with accuracy, filtering, and app feature improvements in 2023.

One of the key features of TroutRoutes is that individually put every trout stream (and section) into a 4-class rating system to help anglers identify and visually sort the most popular and productive streams in the country from those that are less known. For example, the Gold Medal streams of Colorado and the Blue Ribbon streams of Wyoming and Montana are all under the exclusive top Gold Medal class, whereas many of the top streams in places like the Driftless (Minnesota and Wisconsin) are Class 1.

For those that are familiar with the Wisconsin stream classifications, it may be confusing to see our stream class system, as it has a similar approach but the rating system is different. So our stream classification is indeed different than that of the Wisconsin DNR, and this is intentional. Our rating system takes many factors into consideration, including amount of public access, length, quality (DNR class), and other factors. Our goal is to provide a high-level assessment to give you a starting point on how we deem a trout stream to be in terms of quality for your angling use.

TroutRoutes can be used completely offline. For TroutRoutes Pro users, you can download specific regions or even the regions around a specific stream of interest. Once the region is downloaded into your offline folder, that region will always be available even if you lose cell service. This includes your GPS, ability to zoom in and interact with the map. It’s fully featured offline when you have the region downloaded!

However, this feature is only available to Pro users.


As of April 3rd 2023, TroutRoutes Pro is $58.99 / year, which includes maps for the whole United States. (Which comes out to only #4.92 per month)

Every user is able to do a TroutRoutes Pro free 7 day trail.

With TroutRoutes Pro, you get every feature, every state, all future updates, and access to our Pro maps and your personal map content across all devices. You also get access to our customer support team 24/7 if you have issues. Just don’t call past 10pm.

We appreciate your support!

If you started your subscription on your mobile device through the mobile app, you can manage your subscription to any mobile app through your phones settings. For specific instructions on this, try the links below for your device:
Android: https://support.google.com/googleplay/answer/7018481?co=GENIE.Platform%3DAndroid&hl=en
Apple: https://support.apple.com/en-us/HT202039

If you started your subscription on our Web App (not the mobile app), there is a cancel option inside your profile menu.

For customer support or questions, please reach out to us Support@troutinsights.com

Ever want to look at TroutRoutes on a big desktop computer screen or TV? Now you can! We now offer a new Desktop version of TroutRoutes for our Pro users. This new platform allows you to login, make notes and mark waypoints before your trip, and switch to your mobile app while you’re on the road. All your data is synced with your mobile app and safe.

How do you access the desktop version? Open a browser on your computer and enter the url: https://maps.troutinsights.com

Log in with the same user name and password from your mobile app.


Data privacy and sharing is incredibly important to our vision for TroutRoutes. Do you want to share your spots and favorite streams on social media? Find a different app. We actually have removed certain features related to sharing your data. We have ZERO intention of ever integrating social media, sharing or community-driven data, or anything of that sort.

TroutRoutes current and future vision is about us making incredible maps using our own mapping data and technology, and providing it to you as a service. You may create and manage your own content (markers, favorite streams, images) as you choose, and it will be secure and private forever.

Great questions and idea. At this time we do not have a feature to import your google maps data (imagine you have 50 “saved places” and want to import them as new markers in TroutRoutes). In the future, we may consider adding this feature.

No current plans on supporting “export my data” feature, though we aren’t against it, just haven’t gotten to it.

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