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Users Guide / Updated April 2023

The following users guide should answer any questions you may have about the TroutRoutes app or TroutRoutes PRO. If after reading you still have any remaining questions or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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Tech Tip #1

Elevation Charts

Elevation charts for trout streams can bring 2-dimensional maps to life and highlight stream features that otherwise go unnoticed. TroutRoutes has over 25,000 trout streams mapped out, and each comes with an elevation profile to better research different sections of the stream. Use elevation profiles to find things like waterfalls, barriers, tailwaters and headwaters. Elevate your fly fishing research with TroutRoutes PRO today.

Tech Tip #2

Map Modes

Our different map modes provide comprehensive maps for trout streams based on common use cases. Our Guide Mode is intended to help you identify the top Blue Ribbon and Gold Medal streams in the country, while our Access Mode helps you pin-point those unique fishing easements and walk-in access points. Lastly, the Regulations mode offers a unique mapping tool to pinpoint specific fishing regulations and local classifications, such as Delayed Harvest, Fly Fishing Only, and other common special regulations.

Tech Tip #3

Stream Gages

Reading stream flows is a key tool for the trout angler. With stream flows, you can get real-time stream conditions before you hit the road to better plan your trip. In the TroutRoutes platform, we have all the USGS stream gages in our maps with interactive charts available. Hear from our lead designer Zachary Pope on how to use this feature in TroutRoutes.

Tech Tip #4

Create and Customize Markers and Shapes

If you fly fish or angle for trout, you likely use an app like Google Maps to save personal markers and favorite spots. With TroutRoutes, we take this to a whole new level. This tutorial walks users through how to create and customize pins, markers and shapes within the TroutRoutes App. Pins can be fully customized with custom titles, descriptions, marker icons and even photos. Similarly, you can create custom lines and shapes for scouting, and all personal content remains available to you while you are online and offline, as well as synced between all devices.

Tech Tip #5

Offline Maps

Do you fly fish for trout in remote areas where there is no cell service? With TroutRoutes PRO, you can take the power of our maps with you- WITHOUT needing cell service. In this video, we show you the two key ways to download offline maps for TroutRoutes PRO. Once an area is downloaded, all of the public access and personal data is available without limitation, even as you lose cell service in the wilderness.

Tech Tip #6

Classes and Special Filters

Ever wanted to see a map of the top trout streams in the country? How about a tool that lets you see all tailwaters in the US? With TroutRoutes PRO, we help you find water specific to your goals. Use our stream classes and special filters to find specific waters and top fisheries!

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