Video Series

A video series with tech tips and deep dives to help you take full advantage of TroutRoutes PRO.

Tech Tip #1

Map Modes

In this video, lead designer Zachary Pope walks us through the foundation of TroutRoutes PRO, the map modes. These modes are designed to create a power mapping tool to meet the specific use cases of the trout stream angler. Watch the video for a quick dive into this key concept.

Tech Tip #2

Elevation Maps

Bring 2D maps to life and discover unique insights with stream elevation profiles. In this tech tip, lead designer Zachary Pope walks us through why these are important and how to use them in TroutRoutes PRO.

Tech Tip #3

Stream Flows

Water conditions on streams are ever more important with events like rain and snow melts drastically changing the angling conditions. Stream flows are made possible by USGS stream gages that provide real-time reports on water flows and other metrics. In this video, we walk you through how to leverage these insights in TroutRoutes PRO.

More tech tip videos are being developed. Have a topic request? Send us an email!

Users Guide

TroutRoutes Users Guide


Our users guide provides descriptions and answers to all your questions on how to take advantage of TroutRoutes PRO for your angling experience. If you have questions or requests for more content after reading through our users guide, feel free to reach us directly!

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