Over the summer, we’ve welcomed a handful of new anglers to our TroutRoutes ambassador team. Let’s introduce our latest addition: Grant Sargent, who you may also know as Firefly on Instagram and YouTube.

Grant has been creating videos for over 4 years, documenting everything from fly fishing for sturgeon to camping trips in search of native cutthroat and bull trout.

For Grant, fly fishing is about appreciation for the nature around him and the desire to preserve that beauty for generations to come. Learn more about Grant and make sure to add a few of his videos to your next YouTube queue!

Get To Know TroutRoutes Ambassador, Grant Sargent (@grantsargent)!

Q: Describe your fly fishing journey up to the present. How did you start fly fishing? Where is your favorite place to fish?

A: Growing up, I had dreams of playing baseball professionally. In the tenth grade that all changed when I injured my elbow, thus putting an end to my aspirations for professional baseball. At the time I was already fishing and with my new found free-time, I only grew fonder of the peace the river brought me.  During my time fishing I had always admired the art of fly fishing and decided to give it a try myself. Since then my hobby has developed into a love for the waters and the fish they hold. It’s safe to say I’m hooked!

I often find myself most at peace when fishing the ranch on the henrys fork. Although 70% of my trips end up being myself losing fish, I just love hunting large picky trout on the dry.

Q: What is your favorite fly pattern (either to fish or to tie yourself)?

A: My favorite fly pattern is definitely the ol’ rusty spinner. I find whenever you can’t get that picky trout to eat, he’s not gonna pass up the rusty spinner!

Q: What TroutRoutes feature do you find yourself using the most?

A: One of the biggest frustrations that comes with a fishing trip is taking those random dirt roads to nowhere or having that perfect stream you planned out being a bust. TroutRoutes has made that headache disappear. With their access points it makes a breeze to find exactly where your stream is, and how to access it! As well if the stream ends up being a bust you can use their offline map to keep you on track of nearby fishing spots to keep you on the move. It has been by far my favorite feature, and a necessity for when I plan my fishing trips!

Q: What’s the most important thing you take away from the water at the end of a fishing trip?

A: The most important thing I take away from my time on the water is an appreciation for the nature around me and preserving that beauty. Escaping from reality amongst the forest is a blessing I want to preserve for future generations to enjoy. I do so by cleaning any trash I may see at the river to help do my part and I strongly encourage others to help keep our waterways clean.