We’re excited to introduce you all to our next TroutRoutes Ambassador, Jamison McKay!

Jamison hails from the Salt Lake city metro area but finds himself fishing all over the West. He’s been a long time advocate of TroutRoutes, especially within his local angling community where he has been sharing the app at local tying nights and off season gatherings. 

A self proclaimed streamer junkie, Jamison is also an avid tier and loves the excitement and anticipation of throwing big flies. Check out the blog via the link in our bio to learn more about Jamison!

Get To Know TroutRoutes Ambassador, Jamison McKay (@mmmckay_j)!

Q: Describe your fly fishing journey up to the present. How did you start fly fishing? Where is your favorite place to fish?

A: I was introduced to fly fishing when I was 9. My grandpa and his friends decided to take some fly tying classes from a local shop and invited me along. There were even some days we went on the water as a class using the flies we tied. From there it was something that I did with my grandpa and his friends any chance we had. As time has gone on I’ve developed a passion for the sport and all it entails. There is something special that this sport provides for each and every person that’s ventured into the depths of our passion we call fly fishing.

My favorite place to fish is the smaller rivers and tributaries in Utah, Idaho, and Wyoming. I love the “hunt” that streamer fishing those places gives. You’d be surprised how many 6” fish you catch on 4” streamers!

Q: What is your favorite fly pattern (either to fish or to tie yourself)?

A: I’m a sucker for a good streamer and the detail that goes into a Sex Dungeon has always a draw. Been my favorite pattern to fish, and to tie. Something about trimming a deer hair head is satisfying!

Q: What TroutRoutes feature do you find yourself using the most?

A: I definitely use the offline maps feature the most! It’s extremely helpful for exploring new areas and knowing the access spots! When you get to a new place and it’s a bust you’ve got the TroutRoutes app to give you a plethora of options on your offline maps!

Q: What’s the most important thing you take away from the water at the end of a fishing trip?

A: The most important thing I take away from each trip is the experience. For me it’s a reset and a way to rejuvenate my mental state. Some may say it’s my mental escape from reality of the daily grind, but to me it’s much more than that.