Coming October 2021

The team at TroutRoutes have been hard at work. We’re excited to unveil the next release of the TroutRoutes platform with 4.2 for iOS, Android and Desktop. Here are the summary of the new features:

  • We’ve added 7 new states in the Southeast.
  • We’ve completely revamped our public lands layer and added a feature to query public lands.
  • We’ve added over 30% new access points to existing states, including new layers like Trailheads and other access points
  • We’ve added lots of usability features and quality improvements to both iOS and Android, including new personalized settings and more.

Now supporting the Southeast!

In the Southeast, the popular “second trout season” comes in the fall and winter months. So we’re excited to be adding these states just in time for the upcoming season to take off. We’re adding over 7,000 new trout streams across the Southeast, including the states of Kentucky, West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia. This brings our total supported state count to 24!

With TroutRoutes 4.2, we’ve added over 7,000 new trout streams across the Southeast U.S.
New states coming with TroutRoutes 4.2 in October 2021

New Public Lands Layers

Public lands and stream access is arguably the most important feature of TroutRoutes. With 4.2, we’ve completely revamped our public lands layers to allow you to view public lands by type and query particular parcels.

New Public Lands Layer differentiates up to 15 different land types

More Access Points

We’ve gone through existing and new states and manually added thousands of new access points, including new points for Trailheads. With this level of attention to detail, we’re confident we will help you get on the water without missing key access opportunities for the top trout streams in the country.

New Public Lands Layer differentiates up to 15 different land types
More Access Points across all supported states

What’s Next?

A message from our Founder, Zachary Pope

Over the next several months, we will be focusing on 3 key areas: new geographies, new features and better quality.

Geographies: We now have 24 states on the TroutRoutes platforms, covering over 24,000 trout streams. We believe there are three key regions remaining: Northeast, Far West and the Southwest. Look for updates as we continue our expansion into these key regions for next season.

Features: While there are many ideas and features we have considered, one in particular is high priority and right around the corner: Localized stocking and regulations information.

As we’ve expanded into states like Michigan, Pennsylvania and now the southeast, its become apparent that local regulations and state-based classifications are a critical piece of information for local anglers. In addition, stocking programs in states like Virginia and Georgia, as well as popular programs like “Delayed Harvest,” are a key driver for angler activity in these states. And while these localized concepts are difficult to implement on a national scale, we intend to roll out a major feature that supports this use case in the coming months.

Quality: As a small startup team, we’ve been focused on balancing new features and geographies with the needs of ongoing quality. On Android in particular, we recognize this quality is not up to our standards. Over the next several months, expect to see us take some time to really improve the overall quality and appearance of all platforms, and Android in particular.

Tight lines,